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Clientes privados / 27.02.2013

The end to all Wi-Fi problems: revolutionary Wi-Fi adapter simplicity, devolo‘s dLAN® 500 WiFi available immediately

Aachen, Germany, February 27, 2013 - Perfect Wi-Fi reception throughout the home can be so easy. devolo WiFi Move Technology not only provides the best possible Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home, but also gives everyone - not just specialists - extremely easy access to the home networking. The foundation for this is the home‘s own dLAN® Powerline technology, which allows the house‘s electrical wiring to be used like a long network cable. With multiple compact dLAN® 500 WiFi adapters, a single, large Wi-Fi network can be created at the touch of a button. This makes it truly possible to provide wireless Internet access in every corner of a house or flat. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops connect automatically to the access point with the strongest signal, guaranteeing full Wi-Fi reception everywhere.

Better performance than conventional Wi-Fi repeaters

With the growing number of mobile devices used at home, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, the importance for stable Wi-Fi access in every nook and cranny is on the rise. With this in mind, devolo has developed WiFi Move Technology which, after being installed in just minutes, guarantees optimum Wi-Fi access throughout the entire house.Multiple compact access points, which are simply plugged into power outlets, create a single, shared Wi-Fi network. Mobile devices automatically choose the access point with the strongest signal. Because of this design, devolo WiFi Move Technology is considerably better than Wi-Fi modem/repeater solutions. While conventional repeaters simply take an already weak Wi-Fi signal and reproduce it, WiFi Move access points always supply full Wi-Fi performance, since the data are distributed over the electrical wiring.

Simple set-up by app for smartphone and tablet

With an app for smartphones and tablets (iOS/Android), WiFi Move is extremely easy to set up. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, the installation can be performed by anyone, specialists and non-specialists alike, in just a few minutes. All settings automatically apply to all adapters so that the entire network needs be configured only once. When new access points are added to the network, all settings can be copied from one adapter to all others at the touch of a button. For advanced users, the app offers features such as MAC filtering, scheduling, guest access and parental controls. devolo WiFi Move Technology can be extended with perfect ease by using additional dLAN® 500 WiFi adapters.

dLAN® 500 WiFi - The compact access point for your power outlet

With the dLAN® 500 WiFi, devolo introduces its most compact adapter yet. The unit, which is only as big as an outlet, supports the Wi-Fi n-standard and can be coupled with other dLAN® 500 WiFi adapters in the house at the touch of a button. The "Wi-Fi bubble" which this creates ensures that users can move freely from room to room with their mobile devices, always with the best Wi-Fi reception. The transition from one adapter to another takes place imperceptibly to the user. The device, be it a smartphone, laptop or tablet, automatically selects the strongest signal source. The dLAN® 500 WiFi also provides a fast Ethernet network port for connecting desktop computers or other consumer electronics. As an alternative to using the app for Wi-Fi time control, the wireless network can also be enabled and disabled using a button on the adapter.

The devolo dLAN® 500 WiFi is available in stores starting immediately. The starter kit costs 99.90 euro and consists of a dLAN® 500 WiFi and a dLAN® 500 duo. The network kit with three adapters (two dLAN® 500 WiFi devices and one dLAN® 500 duo) is available for 149.90 euro. Single adapters for extending the Wi-Fi network are available for 69.90 euro.