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devolo is a premium partner of Borussia Mönchengladbach


Partnership objectives

With millions of fans worldwide, Borussia Mönchengladbach is the ideal brand partner for devolo. "High levels of popularity, high athletic achievements and the national and international fan base of Borussia Mönchengladbach - all of these factors will contribute to sustaining...

Private customers

Browsing the internet in the garden? devolo dLAN® Powerline lets you extend your WiFi network to the pool and grill


devolo dLAN® Powerline - this is how easy it is

Plug the first devolo dLAN® adapter into an open wall socket and connect it to the router using an Ethernet cable. Then, plug the second adapter into an open wall socket in the garden or on the patio. That‘s it! A fast and stable Internet connection is...

Trade area

Our expectations for Gamescom 2016: New online title for PCs and consoles


Online games with 1,200 Mbps dLAN® Powerline

The problem: We need a continuous Internet connection for many games but we don‘t have a network jack in every room. The solution: dLAN® Powerline from devolo. This amazing technology transmits network data at speeds up to 1,200 Mbps over the power line...

Trade area

State of the smart. devolo highlights at IFA 2016


devolo GigaGate: The new high-end WiFi bridge

Game consoles, smart TVs, AV and TV receivers, streaming boxes... the number of networked devices in our living rooms is growing with high-speed Internet connections. This is exactly why devolo is presenting a high-end bridge for the first time at IFA...

Smart Grid

devolo develops smart electricity meters


FNN-compliant devolo three-phase electricity meter with three-point mounting

Since 2013 devolo AG has been researching and developing electricity meters as part of the BMWi-supported StromKOM project. Using the knowledge gained through these efforts, the experts at devolo began industrialising a...

Smart Grid

EU-funded project „CALLIA“ launched. Transnational integration of Renewable Energies into the European electricity grid.


Europe’s climate protection goals in mind

“Open electricity markets with direct interaction between distribution grids for integration of Renewable Energies” - this is the official tile of CALLIA. CALLIA’s research focus is derived from the guidelines of the European “Energy 2020 strategy: towards...

Trade area

devolo Operator Solutions presents new solution approaches for Operators and Internet Service Providers at ANGA COM 2016


Smart Home Networks - a new industry standard

While last year’s mission was to get customers ready for a connected home with ubiquitous internet access, devolo Operator Solutions took the latest developments in the telecommunications and TV industries into consideration and took the next logical...

Smart Grid

GreenTec Awards: devolo wins with the ENERGY-project one of the coveted awards GreenTec.


Award for the ENERGY project

The GreenTec Awards honor every year innovative products and projects that point the way to an environmentally conscious future. With its high media attention the GreenTec Awards are an important platform to gain maximum public awareness for green ideas. 1,000 invited...

Sobre a devolo

A devolo AG é atualmente a empresa europeia líder no mercado para soluções de comunicação Powerline. O produto principal da devolo AG é o dLAN® (direct Local Area Network), a tecnologia para a comunicação de dados simples, rápida e segura através da linha elétrica. Com ela interligamos não só o mundo ligado em rede em casa e nas empresas, mas principalmente as pessoas. Um grande número de vitórias em testes e distinções pela imprensa especializada e mais de 37 milhões de adaptadores dLAN® entregues atestam o nosso sucesso.
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