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Private customers

A world market leader celebrates an anniversary: devolo turns 15


The founding idea: Internet from the electrical socket

Emerging from what was once ELSA AG, devolo put its effort behind one core idea: using the existing wiring in a home for data transmission. The company sought to use its Powerline technology to capture the very young home networking market. "Why...

Private customers

More WiFi now! Top tips for wireless networking


Tip number 1: Take a quick inventory

Once you start using your network, it‘s going to become abundantly clear whether or not you have good WiFi coverage. Nevertheless, taking a detailed look at your situation is a valuable first step towards improving your WiFi. Look for a useful analysis tool....

Smart Grid

The SiDaFab project protects industrial systems from espionage and sabotage


Digitalisation needs security

The potential and the acceptance of digitalisation depend on the protection and security of the systems involved. Data protection as well as protection against tampering and unauthorised access, in combination with real-time-capable communication, are of paramount...

Trade area

High-speed networking throughout the entire home


High-speed multimedia: Enabling multiple UHD video streams simultaneously

With the increasing availability of UHD (4K) content, customers are also demanding devices for a stable and fast transmission of multiple UHD streams from the entry point of the service to a TV or any broadcasting device....

Business customers

devolo becomes member of FTTH Council Europe


Speed up FTTH roll-out

The FTTH Council Europe was founded in 2004 by the five companies Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Corning, Emtelle and OFS. Since the beginning, it has been the organization’s goal to speed up the spread of fiber technology internationally for the benefit of consumers, businesses -...

Private customers

devolo GigaGate brings high-speed Internet to the multimedia corner. New WiFi bridge now available


Simple set-up, maximum performance

The devolo GigaGate Starter Kit consists of two components: the Base and the Satellite. The Base is connected to the router using a network cable. Utilising high-speed WiFi in the 5 GHz band, the GigaGate Base automatically connects to the Satellite via beamforming....

Private customers

New devolo Home Control app now available: faster, more convenient − native


Intuitive user interface

Smart home and smartphone grow together with the new devolo Home Control app. The new app has a completely overhauled design and offers a layout and operation tailored to the respective operating system. This way, users of both iOS and Android have an intuitive operating...

Private customers

Enjoy opening your utilities statement: Saving energy with devolo Home Control


Large savings potential with intelligent home automation

For many customers, the ability to cut heating costs is as important as the huge benefit of everyday comfort. Independent studies show a savings potential of 20 to 30% depending on the size of the home and the living situation. Thus, investing...

Sobre a devolo

A devolo AG é atualmente a empresa europeia líder no mercado para soluções de comunicação Powerline. O produto principal da devolo AG é o dLAN® (direct Local Area Network), a tecnologia para a comunicação de dados simples, rápida e segura através da linha elétrica. Com ela interligamos não só o mundo ligado em rede em casa e nas empresas, mas principalmente as pessoas. Um grande número de vitórias em testes e distinções pela imprensa especializada e mais de 37 milhões de adaptadores dLAN® entregues atestam o nosso sucesso.
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