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devolo at the Mobile World Congress: strong backbone, strong WiFi, strong customer relationship


At present, one of the main challenges for network operators is to reduce the number of service cases and optimise their own Net Promoter Score. That‘s because customers are increasingly integrating mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets in their WiFi: Cisco estimates, for example, that the...

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Broadband World Forum: devolo presents solutions for smart in-home mobility


With its new Smart Intelligent WiFi technology, devolo addresses the need for seamless connectivity across the home. The technology combines three key features: Advanced Roaming, Airtime Fairness and Band Steering.Advanced Roaming ensures that WiFi-enabled devices are always connected to the...

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devolo Home Control offers "Excellent Protection." For the third time in a row, the best security test grade


Secured against third-party access

Whether the use is personal or professional, every smartphone, PC or tablet user should be aware of the device‘s security settings. Integrating smart technology into your home means that an increasing number of household appliances such as radiator thermostats,...

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devolo Home Control. The smart home highlight at IFA 2017


devolo Home Control: the next significant functional enhancements

The Home Control app will offer a geofencing function in one of the next updates. At this point, Home Control updates the desired settings automatically. This means that if no one is home, the alarm function is activated and the...

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devolo is showcasing the new dLAN® 1200 triple+ with three gigabit ports at IFA 2017


Maximal Powerline: dLAN 1200 triple+ from devolo

Video streams with a buffering icon, choppy audio streams and slow downloads. This is usually due to the fact that the router is not located where fast Internet access is required. But it doesn‘t have to be this way! devolo dLAN Powerline adapters...

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devolo is showcasing the new Gigabit Powerline generation dLAN 1000 at IFA 2017


Internet at any power socket: the new dLAN 1000 duo+ with gigabit speed

State-of-the-art home entertainment is based on a fast Internet connection. However, the router is usually too far away to utilise the full potential of the multimedia offerings throughout the home. The buffering icon appears in...

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The magic of a perfect connection. devolo at IFA 2017


devolo Home Control: new functions for even greater comfort and convenience in the smart home

By releasing Home Control, the Aachen-based company has set new standards in the smart home sector. The product line has won numerous international awards. At IFA 2017, devolo is presenting the next major...

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devolo Home Control update for Android: Now with full configuration


Everything via app: set-up, rules, scenes, time control settings and more

devolo has continued to add more functionality to the Home Control app with many large and small improvements since its launch. The latest app update for Android users now also makes it possible to set up rules, scenes, time...

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A devolo AG é atualmente a empresa europeia líder no mercado para soluções de comunicação Powerline. O produto principal da devolo AG é o dLAN® (direct Local Area Network), a tecnologia para a comunicação de dados simples, rápida e segura através da linha elétrica. Com ela interligamos não só o mundo ligado em rede em casa e nas empresas, mas principalmente as pessoas. Um grande número de vitórias em testes e distinções pela imprensa especializada e mais de 37 milhões de adaptadores dLAN® entregues atestam o nosso sucesso.
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