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Empresa / 14.11.2012

Intelligent energy networks in focus: devolo joins OMS Group and EEbus standardisation organisations.


The future in view: With membership in the EEBus e.V. and OMS Group organisations, devolo underscores its claim as a research company to play a crucial role in designing the future of smart networks. In doing so, the Powerline specialist focusses on communication in the smart home and within the smart grid.

devolo‘s Powerline expertise in international committeesTogether with renowned partners in the technology and energy segment, devolo is working on intelligent solutions for the energy networks in Europe. As a research company, it is devolo‘s intention to present its expertise in the scope of Europe-wide and international committees and, together with the other members, provide open standards that are relevant to real-world use.

The EEBus networking concept for the smart home and the smart grid

With membership in the EEBus e.V. organisation, devolo is joining one of the most important standardisation initiatives in the smart communication sector. The members of this committee are jointly developing a standardised networking concept for the smart grid and smart home. As a global market leader in the Powerline segment, devolo incorporates its knowledge in smart home and access communication. Through consistent real-world orientation, the research results of the field tests have a direct influence on the EEBus middleware, which is being tested as a concrete solution concept. The organisation intends, through a uniform interface and transparent methods, to achieve a global interoperability between smart home components. For this purpose, a continuous dialogue with international committees and standardisation organisations is conducted. EEBus has set the goal of implementing its solution concept as an open standard on the German, European and global level.

The OMS Group defines standards for utility meters

In order to standardise utility meter communication within the smart home, renowned groups and companies have joined together in the OMS Group. With the Open Metering System Specification, the organisation has developed the European standard EN 13757-x for utility meters. For this, devolo already offers a product that guarantees a stable and secure transmission of meter data. On the basis of this successful co-operation, it joined the OMS Group. The Open Metering System (OMS) is the only Europe-wide standard that integrates all utilities such as electricity, gas, heat and water into a central metering system. devolo, with its Powerline expertise, will develop and test additional solutions for a simple connection between utility meters and the backbone.

"As a research company, communication with other participants in the industry is a central philosophy in order to be able to design the future of the intelligent energy network together," remarks Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "We are pleased to be able to bring our expertise to the OMS Group committee and EEBus e.V., and in return to benefit from the expertise of our partners. Our objective is to create open standards for the energy networks of the future together."

Detailed information about devolos solutions concerning smart grid, smart metering and smart home can be found under Your power line can do more - watch informative videos about dLAN® on YouTube at Information on EEBus e.V. can be found at The website of the OMS Group is