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Produto para empresas / 27.09.2012

devolo at Metering Europe 2012: Powerline innovations for the smart grid


devolo is presenting innovative dLAN® Solutions for smart grids at Metering Europe 2012 and, as the first manufacturer in the world, devolo is also showcasing innovative module solutions for E-Mobility and smart homes in the form of its Green PHY products. In addition, the company is presenting the results of its G3-PLC field test, which was carried out together with Vattenfall. Additional devolo highlights include Powerline products for utility metering communication and direct LTE connectivity.

Successful G3-PLC field test concluded with VattenfallIn cooperation with Vattenfall Europe Metering, devolo has successfully concluded a Europe-wide, comprehensive G3-PLC field test. The field test examined the performance of the PLC technology and the adherence to EMC provisions within a typical cluster segment in the real world - with impressive results. Access Powerline forms the ideal communications infrastructure for all real-time applications in the smart grid and provides sufficient capacity for the applications of the future. Additional information on the successful field test is available at the devolo trade fair stand.

Green PHY becomes standard for E-Mobility and smart home communication

HomePlug Green PHY is specially tailored for narrowband applications with minimum energy consumption. This has established it as a new Powerline standard in E-Mobility. Charging communication will be based on this Powerline technology throughout Europe. As a front-line manufacturer, devolo is demonstrating products and solutions for automotive and charging station manufacturers at Metering Europe. Simultaneously, Green PHY is becoming accepted as a completely compatible standard for HomePlug AV and in smart home applications: Remote meter readout and in-home sensor solutions rely on Green PHY modules for seamless in-house communication. devolo will hold an initial live presentation in the Qualcomm booth (number B37 in Hall 1).

devolo demonstrates an OpenWRT platform for smart meter integration

With the combination of the Powerline products dLAN® 200 USB extender and the OpenWRT firmware, devolo is providing a high-performance solution for connecting wireless utility meters inside buildings. This ensures secure and stable building-wide data communication despite limited wireless range. Thanks to support for all current wireless standards, this high-performance OpenWRT solution can be customised and expanded to individual requirements.

devolo dLAN® LTE routers for broadband communication via mobile phone network

A new form of broadband Internet connection between small producers and energy providers is possible over mobile phone networks using the LTE mobile telecommunications standard. In the scope of smart grid usage, 4G technology unfolds its full potential, particularly in rural areas. Feed points can be connected without effort. Simple Powerline-based communication between consumption and production meters and the LTE transmitter is possible using a dLAN® LTE router. The data are sent to the energy provider via LTE at specific intervals or in real time.

"devolo has put itself in the best possible position for the needs of the power industry with its dLAN® solutions," remarks Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "We offer innovative Powerline solutions that cover every metering scenario, both in the access segment and for in-house communication. In addition, our customers benefit from our expertise in OEM business. devolo, from production to logistics, has the necessary capacities to achieve a Europe-wide roll-out."

Visit devolo from October 9-11, 2012 at the Metering Europe trade fair in the Amsterdam RAI trade centre, Stand E58 in Hall 1. devolo is also present at the Qualcomm stand (Number B37 in Hall 1)showcasing the HomePlug Green PHY PLC module.